school of coding

School of Coding

School of Coding teaches computer science, coding and digital skills to children and adults across the UK & Europe, and provide coding lessons via online and at our education centres. School of Coding specialises in tutoring students doing GCSEs and A-levels, and also deliver government funded courses to adults looking to upskill in IT and Computer Science. Working in partnership with three major universities and over 150 primary & secondary schools in the UK, School of Coding delivers after school clubs and coding workshops. Their mission is to engage, inspire and create tech leaders of tomorrow from a young age.

Elderberry AB

Elderberry AB undertakes development and strategic studies, authoring, testing, editing and publishing within: school, youth, adult, teacher, culture and heritage, Education and EDUCATION education, often with socio-cultural and urban implications. Elderberry AB has experience in developing educational material for schools Education, heritage and culture, migrants and refugees and mobile learning. The company is experienced with traditional methods for educational material and training as with eLearning, mobile learning and eCulture. Elderberry AB specialise in developing and integrating contemporary educational methodology into their work such as; multiple intelligences and incorporating a problem- and scenario- based approach. They have their own Learning Management System for on-line scenario based training, which puts training in the perspective of real life situations.

NPO Robotika

Robotika offers tech and strategic consultancy services to businesses that are embracing digital and omnichannel transformation, at two levels:

  • by offering the value of traditional blue-chip companies consultancy with a strategic long-term roadmap angle
  • by crafting unique omnichannel strategies that leverage the most appropriate digital/wireless/IoT solutions available in the market, with a rigorous tech-agnostic approach.

Our consultancy roadmaps and plans encompass top-notch solutions providers in the areas of connectivity, advertising, IoT, sensor technologies, A.I. and NLP, data science and monetization, smart energy, drones operations.


The ICJ offers a unifying framework that allows its beneficiaries to operate in groups or individually around the development of their projects in a secure, formative and adapted framework allowing:

  • To assess their entrepreneurial abilities, individually and/or collectively
  • To immerse yourself in the management of a business
  • To better understand the realities of a company’s micro and macroeconomic environment
  • To get involved concretely in the development of the territory, their city, their neighborhood
  • To test activities on the market in real scale
  • To capitalize on experience, to develop greater autonomy
  • Promote their social and economic integration

Shropshire Youth Support Trust

The Shropshire Youth Support Trust (SYST) is a youth charity that runs enterprise centres for disadvantaged young people in Shropshire. It is a hub to help young unemployed people in the local area to have the opportunity to utilise their talents and potential so they can run a profitable and viable business. SYST provides the space and support for young disadvantaged people to create a job for themselves, maximising their business and personal potential, leading to financial independence.

SYST provides the space and support for young disadvantaged people to create a job for themselves, maximising their business and personal potential, leading to financial independence.

It provides subsidised business space, coupled with intensive business advice and personal support, and innovative sales opportunities (generically known as business incubation).

Long-term, the centre will support regeneration in the Shropshire area by developing local enterprise and creating employment opportunities in the surrounding community.

For the SYST target group, working for themselves is a way of overcoming difficulties in securing a job. The beneficiaries do not have the means or covenants to take on commercial premises. The centre offers subsidised studios/workshops (rising to commercial rates over two years,) alongside intensive business advice and support to clients provided by a centre manager and volunteer mentors.

Erasmus+ programme